Well, hi there!

My name is Shelby Davis & I AM HERE to help you SHINE!

This is SRD Photography, a Senior/teen portrait business based in Cedar Falls, IA. I specialize in working with High School Seniors, teens, and their families to create an unforgettable luxury photo experience through authentic communication, extensive personalization, and outstanding product quality. I want you to feel confident and at ease every step of the way, from booking, to session prep, to shoot day, to product selection/customization, and beyond!

I love working with the creatives, the goofballs, the freaks and geeks, the wallflowers and the spotlight-stealers, the rebels without a cause, etc... all of the quirky, out-there, marching-by-the-beat-of-their-own-drummers. If this sounds like you, then I want to meet you. Let's create some magic!


Captured Today, Treasured Tomorrow.

I’m passionate about helping Seniors to feel comfortable and confident while celebrating a once-in-a-lifetime accomplishment and making the transition from adolescence to adulthood. I believe that every Senior deserves to celebrate their unique accomplishments and create keepsakes that will last a lifetime and beyond (ones that will make your future grandkids "ooh" and "ahh"!)
Want to get a better feel for what I do? Browse my portfolio galleries below.

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How to Begin your SRD Senior Experience.

Step 1 - Contact.

Get in touch with me through the contact form. Within 48 hours, I will reply with available dates and a link to the digital SRD Senior Inquiry Magazine, a 28-page magazine packed with all the information you need in order to confidently book your session!

Don't see a reply from me within 48 hours? Check you spam folder. (It's probably in there.)

Step 2 - Confirm.

Once you have taken time to pour over the Inquiry Magazine with a parent/guardian and have chosen your desired session type and date, email me back with your selections. From there, I will help you pay your Investment Fee to officially reserve the date for your SRD Senior Experience!

Have questions before booking? Let's schedule a call.

Step 3 - Customize.

Once your SRD Senior Experience is booked, it's time to make it YOURS! We will schedule an in-person Styling Consultation which will allow us to plan your perfect wardrobe, locations, and overall aesthetic. We will also look at samples of all of my archive-quality photographic products to begin building your ideal custom Collection.

"I had never felt so comfortable and respected by a photographer. Shelby is a ray of sunshine, and her skill is obvious in the images she captures. Hire her. You won't regret it."


Ready to get started?

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